About points4purpose

Introducing the only dedicated ‘plug-and-play' loyalty platform that enables your customers (or employees) to shop, save, earn convert and support their favourite cause

points4purposeTM introduces sustainable fundraising streams that do not detract or divert from traditional charitable sources.

Our mission is to automate cause-related marketing in partnership with commercial enterprise and, in so doing, address identifiable social needs utilising legacy points balances as the ‘fuel’.

For Members

points4purpose offers members the chance to shop with 100’s of participating retailers, take advantage of great offers on products and services – and support the Causes that THEY are passionate about!!

For Causes

With online shopping booming and funding shortfalls predicted across the charity sector, points4purpose adds an important new fundraising stream at a time when traditional channels are under pressure. Now available in-store through our seamless Card linking platform!

All causes, non-profits and community organisations can join! If your cause is not listed on points4purpose, register today and contact us so that we can support your program.

For Businesses

More than ever, businesses are seeking to build a sense of engagement with their customers that is inclusive, meaningful and purposeful. By becoming a points4purpose business partner, you can personalise your offer to that which is important to your customer, and, in so doing, grow their lifetime value like never before.

Offer your customers points4purpose when they purchase your products and services, plus deliver an entire marketplace (100 major retailers) to your customers. Each dollar spent and each dollar given to charity is all thanks to you!

points4purpose delivers a win for its members, a win for charities and a win for participating retailers!

points4purpose is a loyalty and reward program with a difference

No such things as
expired cashback


Support the cause
of your choice